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Lite-On Technology Corp. Wins the 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Global Views Magazine

LITE-ON Technology (TW 2301) is pleased to announce that it has won the 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Global Views Magazine for its outstanding results in the overall effects of sustainable performance. LITE-ON has been acknowledged with the Paragon Prize in the annual overall CSR survey, particularly for its long-term commitment to low-carbon products development and substantial use of recyclable materials corroborating “Sustainable Environment,” “Inclusive Innovation,” and “Sustainable Governance” as the core of its sustainability strategy under the vision of sustainability by being “Best-partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-friendly, and Intelligent Technologies.” Meanwhile, LITE-ON launched a marine waste recycling project, and actively cooperated with various stakeholders to create economic, environmental and social sustainability values supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2018.


Facing global extreme weather and deterioration of the natural environment, LITE-ON actively takes environment protection actions. In 2018, LITE-ON announced 2025 Goals of energy saving, water reduction, waste reduction, product energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy increasing. For product development, in order to practice the environmentally friendly management from “life cycle thinking” to “cradle to the grave”, LITE-ON has improved the energy saving and waste reduction process from raw materials, manufacturing, delivery, product use to disposal and recycling as well worked together with suppliers to develop more environmentally friendly components or materials to become the best partner in low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable value chains for customers.


LITE-ON has been selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for eight consecutive years and included in the Constituent MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes for five consecutive years. Moreover, LITE-ON was ranked as one of Top 100 Global Technology Leaders by Thomson Reuters in 2018. In Taiwan, LITE-ON was also ranked on the Top 5% listed companies of the forth Corporate Governance Evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange, certified as a constituent company in the FTSE4Good Taiwan Index Plus (TIP) Taiwan ESG Index, awarded “Corporate Citizenship” Award from Common Wealth Magazine for 12th straight year as well as Platinum Award in Electronic Information Manufacturing group of 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards from TCSA.


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