LITE-ON to Showcase AI-powered Smart Street Light Solution at 2019 CES

Los Angeles, USA. Jan. 4, 2018 – New technological advancements are turning smart street lights into AI-empowered traffic controllers! LITE-ON Technology (TWSE: 2301) announced that at this year's CES (1/8/2019-1/11/2019), the company will exhibit the latest IoT technologies under the theme of "Smart Mobility: The Connectivity Revolution," featuring innovative solutions in Urban Mobility, Automotive Electronics and Smart IoT.  LITE-ON will showcase its Smart Street Light solution to worldwide industry experts and demonstrate its multi-functionality and intelligently engineered design. CES2019 Booth Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4, Booth #35200


Cities around the world are struggling to meet citizen expectations under budget and personnel constraints. LITE-ON has rolled out its initial successful implementation in Southeast Asia, where streets experience high traffic volumes throughout the day and drivers are prone to traffic violations. Since its debut, the solution has alleviated the workload related to ticketing for the city. With the average of 3,000 traffic citations issued every day in the region, ticketing used to be highly labor-intensive. However, the solution “shortens the handling time from one day to three hours, while drastically improving the accuracy for identifying violations," said David Yeh, General Manager of Leotek, Smart Life and Applications Strategic Business Group, LITE-ON Technology Corp.


Connected, AI-Powered Street Light Applications Brighten the Future of Traffic Management


To relieve traffic congestion, many cities in Southeast Asia have adopted a series of measures over the years, including setting up high-occupancy and bus-only lanes, but to little avail, David Yeh noted. The jeepneys that roam the city streets, for instance, constantly pull over at some random points in the road to compete for passengers, posing risks to road safety. Integrating with street lights and surveillance cameras, LITE-ON’s AI-enabled smart street light solution also leverages local communication and system operators to facilitate the city’s traffic management. High-violation periods and high-accident zones are identified to optimize decisions for dispatching patrol officers and lowering human judgment errors.


The company will also demonstrate traffic signals that recognize elderly and infirm pedestrians at CES. Embedded with ultra-precise sensing technology, these signals discern disabled pedestrians using wheelchairs and automatically increase the green-light duration without any human intervention. Also on display will be wireless communication modules based on LPWAN technology, an essential piece for the IoT, as well as smart surveillance cameras supporting LoRa, Zigbee, Sigfox or NB-IoT protocols


In-House Vertical Integration of Smart Connected Lighting Solution


This year, LITE-ON has partnered with Taiwan’s top-tier research university Tsinghua University to implement its first vertically-integrated connected lighting solution on Tsinghua’s campus. The projects incorporate in-house Wi-Fi AP, surveillance cameras, light poles and wireless communication technology.


"Campus security is at the core of the connected lighting solution's add-on applications. With the impeccable Wi-Fi performance, image-processing algorithm and in-house design, LITE-ON’s surveillance cameras can endure uncertainties of outdoor environment and perform seamlessly by generating stable videos for analytics use,” said Allen Hsu, General Manager of Video Surveillance Strategic Business Group, LITE-ON Technology Corp.


LITE-ON brings together latest IoT technologies of the group to showcase solutions that support cloud implementations as well as streamline the flows of people and information. The company aims to engage with more businesses and governments and strives to be their essential partner in the connected era. With the trend of urbanization upon us, the Smart Street Light solution is an innovation that is perfectly suited to the needs of the modern world.


About LITE-ON Technology Corp.

LITE-ON is the first technology company listed in Taiwan and accredited “Top 100 Global Technology Leaders” by Thomson Reuters in 2018. The company has been steadily continuing its foray into five key IoT application fields, including cloud computing, LED and outdoor lighting, automotive electronics, industrial automation and smart healthcare.


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