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LITE-ON Technology Announces the Share Sale of its Mobile Mechanical Business Subsidiaries

LITE-ON Technology (2301-tw) announced today its Board has signed the share transfer agreement, under which LITE-ON will sell 100% stake of target companies within the company’s Mobile Mechanical Business, including Zhuhai LITE-ON Mobile Technology Co. Ltd., Guangzhou LITE-ON Mobile Electronic Components Co. Ltd., and Shenzhen LITE-ON Mobile Precision Molds Co. Ltd., to Top-Touch Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen-listed Zhejiang Firstar Panel Technology (“FPT”). The monetary amount of the transaction is RMB530 million, which will be adjusted according to share purchase agreement.


 “LITE-ON will continue to focus on transforming towards cloud computing, LED components and outdoor/automotive lighting, automotive electronics, biomedical technology, and industrial automation, etc. With the ultimate goal of maximizing the value for shareholders, clients and employees, LITE-ON will stay focused on strengthening the core technologies and competitiveness, developing towards a more efficient and profitable operation”, said Warren Chen, LITE-ON Vice Chairman and Group CEO.


The transaction will proceed in compliance to obtain the relevant approvals from China regulators as required, with an estimated completion by 4Q 2018. LITE-ON believes that the transaction shall not have material impact on its finance and operations, and the Company will make public announcement and filing according to the relevant regulations upon completion.


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