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LITE-ON Partners with Taipei City Government on Smart City IoT Development


Taipei, Taiwan – January 31, 2018 - Today, LITE-ON announces that it’s been joining forces with Taipei City Government to create the first “Smart IoT Shared-Pole Street Light” demonstration area in Taiwan. LEOTEK, the Business Unit of LITE-ON Smart Life and Application Business Group installs the street lights utilizing the smart street light platform to manage the energy efficient LED. Also, they are built with LoRa gateway, cell site, air quality sensor and IoT-enabled smart meter switch etc. The government can monitor the real-time data and remote-control the lighting and sensing. At the same time, the citizens can also have the access to obtain the information such as PM2.5 or traffic on the public platform. Besides the powerful features, with the idea of “City Minimal Design”, LEOTEK moves the switches, boxes and cables into poles and have the rest street lights in a modern simplicity style. LITE-ON believes that street lights not only provide the brilliant lighting but can also be part of city design.


LITE-ON has been dedicated on LED, networking, storage, lighting, sensing and power for more than forty years. The company is always willing to seek the partnerships with corporates and academic organizations to provide the IoT solutions and services which can be applied in city, automotive and other fields. To fulfill the vision, LITE-ON joint “Stanford GPC Affiliate Program in Digital Cities” driven by The Stanford Global Projects Center (GPC), corporates with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and established the Research headquarter in Tianjing with China Automotive Engineering Research Institute (AERI). With the power of the alliance, LITE-ON will continuously invest in the concepts and technologies of future IoT. In fact, besides the “Smart IoT Shared-Pole Street Light”, the company will come up with the solutions and services in Smart Automotive, Smart Security, Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart Industrial/Sport Park, and Smart Industrial Control etc. to enhance the efficiency and the quality of people’s lives.



David Yeh, GM of LITE-ON LEOTEK SBU states “It is an honor for LITE-ON to join forces with Taipei City Government again following the Smart Pavilion for 2017 Universiade. Considering that what people need is the priority of LEOTEK, we create the first “Smart IoT Shared-Pole Street Light” demonstration area in Taiwan this time. With the stylish and highly efficient ‘Future Street Lights’, we are looking forward to safer, more efficiency, convenient and expandable Smart City services.”


Torrent Chin, GM of LITE-ON Smart Solutions & Service says “For the past decades, LITE-ON has been involved in a variety of fields. With the advantages, we’ve been building a robust ecosystem of “Smart Life” by integrating our technologies and resources to provide practical solutions and services to solve problems regarding to city management and maintenance. In fact, we collect and analyze data to enhance the efficiency and push for sustainability. Meanwhile, by simplifying the process for data access, it is certainly going to bring a better quality of life.”