Taipei, Taiwan – July 26, 2017 – With the development of autonomous vehicle, passengers will have a totally different experience. According to KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, about 60% of consumers absolutely or partly agree when buying a self-driving car that they will only be interested in what they can do with their time in the car. Compare with human driver in the past depending on human brain, senses, traffic/road sign, radio and navigation, autonomous vehicle will utilize the new technologies including processing, algorithms, sensors, mapping, connectivity and cloud. This will create a variety of new business opportunities. In the era of digital transformation, LITE-ON integrates digitalization along with IoT, technology partnerships, software capabilities and customized solutions, and leads the industry to go forward in automotive field.


Tony An, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Life & Applications SBG, LITE-ON attends 2017 ITRI ICT TechDay today and elaborates the opportunities and vision of V2X-ADAS development in Taiwan. With great foresight, LITE-ON saw the trend and has been invested into IoV (Internet of Vehicles) fields for years. LITE-ON joins forces with global leading companies and the governments, and focuses on the potential products and technologies. As a pioneer, LITE-ON reinforces its research and development capability and talent training to lead the industry moving forward.


The track of “Self-driving” at 2017 ITRI ICT TechDay is oriented towards the topics of autopilot, virtual platform for diagnosis and analysis, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) etc. The event attracts about a hundred experts and company representatives in relating fields to focus on the future development of smart car and connected vehicle with LITE-ON.


About ITRI ICT TechDay

ITRI ICT TechDay is held by Industrial Technology Research Institute annually. It’s an all-day forum and technology demonstration, directed at IoT, AI, 5G and Connected Vehicle fields. Heavyweight speakers shared the latest tech trends and R&D achievements. A number of value-added technologies were presented at TechDay, with the hope that the introduction of these advanced applications can enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan technology companies.