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LITEON Technology Held 2023 Annual General Meeting

LITEON Technology (2301-tw) today held its 2023 annual general meeting, implementing video conferencing as assistance for the first time to integrate both virtual and physical participation. This not only provides shareholders with more diverse and convenient channels to attend the meeting, but also demonstrates the company's commitment to corporate governance and digitalization. LITEON posted its 2022 annual consolidated sales of NT$173.5 billion, up 5% Y-o-Y, with gross profits and operating profits increasing by 9% and 16% Y-o-Y, respectively. After years of strategic transformation, the proportion of high value and high growth core businesses of LITEON have significantly increased, with the gross margin increasing from 13% in 2018 to 19% in 2022, and the operating margin increasing from 3.6% to 8.7%. Earnings per share(EPS) have increased from NT$3.42 to NT$6.19. In order to further link the company's operating performance with shareholders’ return, a cash dividend of NT$4.5 per share was distributed throughout the year and was fully paid by the end of April this year.




LITEON Proactively Implements Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development to Establish Long-Term Core Competitive Advantages

“Global economy is still highly volatile and uncertain this year. LITEON will actively respond to changes in the global market to maintain operational resilience and flexibility. Whether in favorable or challenging conditions, we will continue to invest in digital transformation and hone our abilities to achieve our operational goals, while also managing the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy to establish longer-term core competitive advantages. We regard sustainable development as one of our company's core driving forces, enhancing operational flexibility in response to climate change. Through product design, process improvement, and energy-saving supply chain projects, we continue to reduce our environmental impact year by year. Our overall carbon emissions have met targets every year since implementation, and we have set a determined goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.” said Mr. Tom Soong, Chairman of LITEON Technology.



Continuing to Expand R&D Investment, Diversify Global Footprint, and Build A Green Supply Chain, Transforming Business Operations

LITEON is transforming its business operations through continued expansion of strategic R&D investment, accelerating global diverse operation sites, and collaborating with the supply chain to build a green supply chain. In 2022, R&D expenditure increased to 4.3% of revenue, up from 3.7% in the previous year, up 22% Y-o-Y. In response to the trend of shortening supply chains, LITEON has accelerated its global footprint, officially opening its Vietnam second-phase plant in 2022. The Dallas plant in the US will also expand capacity in 2023, providing in-house production and nearby supply advantages for North American customers in the data center power management system and EV charging sectors. Moreover, 2022 marked the year of carbon reduction efforts in the supply chain, as LITEON continued to expand its carbon footprint assessments and set clear carbon reduction targets based on the results. We also accelerated our efforts to assist suppliers in achieving net-zero carbon emissions, leading to shared success in carbon reduction for LITEON and the supply chain.


LITEON is Committed to Sustainable Development and Improving Energy Efficiency, Focusing on the Cloud, Automotive Electronics, and New Energy Management Fields to Provide Efficient Commercial-grade Energy Solutions.

Looking to the future, the urgent need for more intelligent, efficient, and commercial-grade system solutions for energy efficiency is crucial. LITEON has accumulated performance and capabilities in energy management system and application of advanced data center power management and EV solutions. LITEON will provide efficient energy solutions for the end market in three areas, including cloud computing, automotive electronics, and new energy management, and carry out medium- to long-term growth dynamics and strategic implementation. Whether in R&D, capital expenditures, or corporate alliances, we will continue to focus on these areas. Meanwhile, high-end product design and intelligent manufacturing capabilities are also key to connecting LITEON with future growth pillars, including EV, 5G and AIoT, green data center power management systems, and smart grids. We are committed to shrinking product size, using fewer materials for environmental benefits, adopting renewable materials for sustainable circulation, and increasing power conversion efficiency to achieve greater energy savings. LITEON will continue to leverage core technology in optoelectronics and power management to develop efficient energy management systems, allowing precious energy to be utilized most effectively in the future.



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