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LITEON Technology 2022 Annual General Meeting Result: Re-election of Board of Directors and Issuance of RSAs

LITEON Technology (2301-tw) today held its 2022 annual general meeting, during which the shareholders approved the re-election of board of directors and the issuance of employee Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs) for the year 2022. In 2021, LITEON posted its annual consolidated sales of NT$164.8 billion and net profit of NT$13.9 billion with EPS of NT$6.01, up 39% Y-o-Y. To further link company performance with shareholders’ return, the DPS of the full year of 2021 reaches NT$4.5, with a payout ratio of 75%, a continuous record DPS.


“Global supply chain has faced even more severe challenges in 2021. By implementing organizational transformation and reform, and introducing talent incentive programs, not only did revenue and profit of LITEON continue to grow, but also through flexible and fast global supply chain management, the company's operation has become more resilient and competitive, which continued to create record profit margin and EPS. In addition to continuing to work closely with customer and supplier partners, and actively adopting mutually beneficial solutions, LITEON hope to exert its ESG influence to achieve sustainable goals with partners in the value chain. LITEON recently joined in ‘Taiwan Climate Partnership’ and ‘ESG Technology Innovation Alliance,’ as one of the founding members. LITEON hopes to bring the will of all people together to encourage not only solving the energy issues but also put focus on the innovation of agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry which are close to daily life, seeking a sustainable operation model, so as to play a key role in climate change issue.” said Mr. Tom Soong, Chairman of LITEON Technology.


LITEON Technology passed the issuance of employee Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs) for the year 2022 at today's annual general meeting. RSAs issuance aims to attract, retain, and motivate key talents, building up the depth and width of LITEON talent pipeline. LITEON has launched employee share ownership trust (ESOT) since last year. By holding LITEON shares for a long period of time, employees have the opportunity to share profit from operating results with the company. By introducing these talent incentive plans, reforming operational strategies, setting market-demand oriented path, expensing R&D investment and optimizing product portfolio, we strive to pursuit profitable growth and to enhance long-term profits of shareholders. Through these transformation and reform, LITE-ON will become a dynamic and agile company that is capable of responding to changes in the industry quickly and keeping on growing, creating a win-win situation for employees, shareholders and the company.


Facing the challenges and uncertainty of macro environment in 2022, we believe that with a strategic blueprint, optimized product portfolio, and diversified incentive programs for employees, LITEON will be able to further enhance long-term gross profit margin and profitability as well as leverage talents to build up critical competitive advantages. While pursuing profitable growth, LITEON will continue to give full play to its influence on ESG, stimulating the sustainable development education of supply chain, leading the supply chain to introduce green transformation in practice.



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