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LITEON Technology Named as TOP 10 Sustainability Model of Taiwan Corporates for Excellence in Driving Low-Carbon Value Chain

LITEON Technology (2301-tw) is pleased to announce that it has been named to the 2021 Top 10 Domestic Corporates of the most prestigious sustainability awards by TCSA (Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards), also won multiple awards for its sustainability report and the outstanding performance in different sectors, including climate change, circular economy, and low-carbon supply chain. Those awards recognized LITEON’s leadership and determination in driving a sustainable and low-carbon business model.


“With COP26 took place last week, there has never been a more important time for our industry to commit to the environment," said Mr. Anson Chiu, President of LITEON Technology. “Sustainability is a vital, integrated part of our business strategy, LITEON is fully committed to low-carbon manufacturing and continues to invest in research and development to improve the green efficiency of products, which assist customers to meet demands for both low-carbon and performance. Acting as a key energy-saving hub in many solutions such as cloud computing, automotive electronics, 5G and optoelectronic semiconductors, we help customers reduce the environmental impact and achieve the best green solutions.


In terms of products, energy conversion efficiency for LITEON power supply products increased by 4.56% compared to the base year. The 2% improvement target was reached ahead of schedule. The improvement helps users worldwide save about 466 GWh in total electricity consumption and reduce carbon emissions by 237,000 tonnes CO2e per year. At the same time, automotive LED lighting modules passed carbon footprint verification. In terms of manufacturing, LITEON not only makes continuous process and equipment improvements to achieve green and low carbon manufacturing but also implements an energy recycling system (ERS) that made recycles and reuses power consumed by accelerated aging testing. The system enables us to reduce power consumption by 5.8 GWh per year, which is the equivalent of reducing 4,853 tonnes of carbon emissions.


In response to the increasingly severe climate change, LITEON management team strengthened its climate policy, built a carbon financial management mechanism internally, took the unit cost of carbon reduction as a measurement indicator and established an internal carbon tax mechanism platform. Externally, it has expanded the company's carbon management scale to the supply chain, reviewed and evaluated suppliers' corporate social responsibility and carbon management, encouraged them to develop materials that would reduce environmental impact and optimize manufacturing processes to achieve energy-saving goals. LITEON has built a flexible and adaptable global operating structure with the goal of low carbon, and expanded it to the supply chain, establishing an integrated carbon reduction management system, which was highly affirmed by the jury and won the "Climate Leader Award" and "Supply Chain" Leadership Award".


Through the carbon inventory of the greenhouse gas value chain (GHG Scope 3), carbon reduction projects, and social participation actions, LITEON actively exerted the multiplier effect of the value chain. Through cooperation with upstream suppliers, LITEON has jointly developed low-carbon, sustainable materials and high-energy conversion efficiency products. In 2021, it successfully developed the world's first product that both obtained UL ECVP 2809 (UL Environmental Claim Validation Procedure, UL ECVP) and UL 746D (UL Recycled Plastics Certification in Yellow Card). Converting marine wastes that seriously affects the ecology into reusable resources, LITEON has successfully constructed a model of circular economy in a pioneering way and won the "Circular Economy Leader Award".


Press Contact:

Julia Wang, Sr. Director of IR/PR   +886-2-8798-2888