LITE-ON Aims to Expand Vietnam Market with IIoT Gateway Solution

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/


The VIMF 2019 (Vietnam Industrial Manufacturing Fair 2019) kicks off on June 12th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. LITE-ON Technology will showcase the theme of "Upgrade to the Future" through its IIoT gateway debut along with smart factory condition monitoring system that consists of current VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), servo motor, and HMI (Human Machine Interface). 

Dr. Ken Cheng, GM of Industrial Automation, indicated that LITE-ON Technology has been known as a global leading opto-electronics component manufacturer. "This year, if you walk into LITE-ON's opto-electronics factories across the world, you will see the IIoT Gateway deployed at hundreds of work stations in thousands of production lines. Information from output target, present output, total achieving ratio to average utilization, idle or down time statistics is visualized and ready for further analysis to optimize output."

LITE-ON Technology has partnered with its global distributors in more than 20 countries. Mr. Oliver Chen, Global Sales Head of Industrial Automation, aims to grow its distributors in Vietnam and offer can satisfy facility automation needs as well as production line upgrading in ASEAN market.


“Photo Caption: LITE-ON Technology will showcase the theme of "Upgrade to the Future" through its IIoT gateway debut along with smart factory condition monitoring system at VIMF 2019.”


Motion Controller is integral to LITE-ON's IA solutions. The Motion Controller is equipped with 1GHz high-speed quad-core processor and top-grade 100MB working memory, it supports EtherCAT communication, high-speed motion control function, up to 16 axes synchronized movement and multiple communication protocols. "Integration is key to smart manufacturing. LITE-ON builds up IA total solutions which incorporates and maximizes values of its Motion Controller, VFDs, servo-drives and motors," said Dr. Ken Cheng.

LITE-ON's IA solutions can gradually replace highly-repetitive manual labor tasks, increase production quality and decrease manufacturing cost. LITE-ON makes factory remote control possible by the products' high-speed communication and work memory. The customers can access to real-time production statistics, such as power consumption or abnormal event for further analytics and necessary action.

The IoT Gateway 2224-VGA, equipped with 2 independent gigabit Ethernet portals, functions properly in both LAN and WAN environment and supports RS-232/422/485 communication interfaces. It has open programmable platform highly compatible to manufacturer's need with ready-to-run software. Users are allowed to embed data algorithm at the edge. In addition, the solution is unique in its advantage to sniff data that flows between HMI and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). It sends data to the condition monitoring system for analysis in a non-intrusive manner. That is, even if the gateway is down, it will not hamper the control system.

LITE-ON offers excellent one-stop shopping experience, high cost-performance ratio and leverage of its worldwide manufacturing capabilities. We are seeking distributor partners not only in Vietnam but also Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Brunei etc. and becoming recognizable smart factory solution provider in ASEAN market.




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