LITE-ON Builds Smart City Ecosystem and Shapes the Future of Urban Mobility


Taipei, Taiwan – March 20, 2018 Today, LITE-ON announces that it is going to join “Smart City Summit & Expo 2018” (“SCSE 2018”), the biggest Smart City event in Asia-Pacific which is going to be taken place in Nangang Exhibition Center on March 27 to 30. During the time, LITE-ON is going to showcase the “Smart Park”, which the Company has been seriously working on. In the Smart Park, the visitors will have a chance to see how Smart City can possibly look like and immerse in a combination of cutting-edge technologies including pedestrian sensing, the Smart Street Light and e-ink display etc. Moreover, with the demos, LITE-ON shows its strength to achieve mid-long term goal in Smart City development.


During SCSE 2018, LITE-ON will showcase the Smart City products and services including the Smart Street Light which LITE-ON joins forces with Microsoft to integrate face recognition and CMS and the camera with self-developed face recognition analyzing and object classification program etc. In fact, LITE-ON has in-depth insights on technology trends. It sees the high potential of IoT applications in Smart City development and brings about the modules based on WLAN and NB-IoT. This time, at SESE 2018, LITE-ON is going to exhibit the gate way for Smart Farming, the smart helmet which can collect data and activate safety mode in advance for the users, and tracking devices for kids’ security the first time ever. From different perspectives in life, LITE-ON aims to build a better living world.


Torrent Chin, GM of LITE-ON Smart Solutions & Service says “LITE-ON is dedicated to making changes and creating sustainable environments to enhance the qualities of peoples’ lives through its advanced technologies. By creating the robust ecosystem partnering with industrial, official and academic experts, LITE-ON brings about practical Smart City solutions which are able to improve energy management, security and traffic. These will help the city organizers to solve problems and increase the efficiency. Furthermore, it is going to form a better and more convenient future of urban areas.”


During the expo, David Yeh, the GM of LEOTEK Business Unit will represent LITE-ON and attend the panel discussion talking about smart energy while Bruce Bateman, the CTA of Smart Life and Application Business Group will give a speech at the forum regarding to sustainable farming in urban environments. In the speech, Bruce will tell how LITE-ON utilizes its products, and implements sensors with algorithm to collect data and analyze the key features for farming.


Information of LITE-ON at SCSE 2018


  1. Time: 10 am to 6 pm, Mar 27-30
  1. Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taiepi, Taiwan)
  1. Booth: K309, 1F


Penal and speech

  • Time: 3:20 pm to 4:10 pm, Mar 29
  • Location: Meeting room 501 and 502, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Attendee: David Yeh, GM, LEOTEK SBU, LITE-ON
  • Panel topic: Smart Energy Forum


  • Time: 2:10 pm to 2:40 pm, Mar 30
  • Location: Meeting room, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Speaker: Bruce Bateman, CTA, Smart Life and Application SBG, LITE-ON
  • Topic: Sustainable farming in urban environments


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