Shape a more secured and efficient future with Smart City and Smart Home solutions


LAS VEGAS, BLACK HAT USA, JULY 19 2017 — LITE-ON sees the trend that we are now in the era of IoT (Internet of Things), so that it has been integrating its relevant technologies and resources to develop the field in recent years. Following Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 (MWC Shanghai 2017), LITE-ON is going to display Smart City and Smart Home solutions at Black Hat USA 2017 on July 26 and 27 with PFP Cybersecurity to show that it’s capable and determined to get into the field of cybersecurity. With the solutions, the governments or city organizers can easily build a more secured and efficient future.


Black Hat is the most technical and relevant global information security event series in the world. It attracts more than 250 companies and 15 thousands experts of relating fields from around the world every year. LITE-ON as one of the world leading ICT manufacturer, it understands the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age we are now in. Therefore, it takes cybersecurity as one of the key concerns during the time developing Smart Home and Smart City solutions. With hardware protection, it provides a more secured user experience.


LITE-ON Smart City brings a more efficient and effective way of city management

LITE-ON focuses on providing excellent technologies and services, and has accumulated a wealth of experiences in photoelectric, energy saving and internet communication. By integrating its cutting-edge technologies of intelligent lighting, sensing and communication networking, LITE-ON came up with the Smart City solution, which is beneficial to the economic and environmental sustainability.


LITE-ON Leotek solution utilizes LED and energy consumption tracking and allocation technologies to improve visibility and public safety. By dimming street lights during periods of low traffic, the maintenance and management costs will be reduced profoundly. Besides, LITE-ON puts much efforts into building a modularized and standardized platform that combines sensor, connectivity and management system, which can meet the needs of customers in a variety of scenarios, such as traffic, security and environmental surveillance to help the government or city organizers to manage the city in a more effective way. In the area of communication networking, LITE-ON simplifies vertical device integration complexity and enables horizontal service integration and aggregation. With multiple gateways installation capacity and edge things, it results in a better management regarding to device, data and service.


LITE-ON Smart Home ecosystem creates a more convenient experience for home life

Since IoT is developing rapidly, “Smart Home” has become one of the hottest topics people pay high attention. As a globally leading manufacturer, LITE-ON has strong ODM capability and insight into IoT. LITE-ON Smart Home solution provides an extensive experience by building IoT ecosystem which can satisfy the needs of customers in kinds of user scenarios.


LITE-ON Smart Home solution includes IoT Smart Gateway, PIR Motion Sensor, Door & Window Sensor, Smart Plug, Dimmer Switch, Siren and Key Fob, which support multiple wireless network regulations and make an easier and a more stable connection among the smart network. LITE-ON Power Management solution enables users to control easily through the portable smart devices such as the mobile phone or tablet. It also offers users the statistical analysis of energy consumption for related electrical products to enable users to conveniently achieve energy and cost saving. Besides, users can monitor intelligently via the boundless network at anytime and anywhere even when they are not home.


Booth information of LITE-ON at Black Hat USA 2017

  • Time: July 26 and 27
  • Location: Business Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center
  • Booth: No. 371 (1F) / Suite Crimson E (4F)


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