Access to cross-discipline members engaged in developing digital cities solutions and new business models


Taipei, Taiwan – August 24, 2017 – Smart City has been one of the hottest global topics in recent years. LITE-ON has in-depth insight into it and is dedicated to change people’s lives with cutting edge technologies. Therefore, LITE-ON integrates its own technologies and invests in relating fields. Today, LITE-ON makes the announcement that it joins “Stanford GPC Affiliate Program in Digital Cities” driven by The Stanford Global Projects Center (GPC). GPC is an interdisciplinary research center at Stanford which gathers experts from a variety of disciplines including financing, development, and governance of critical infrastructure. It provides a platform for cross-discipline interaction and brings about a whole new scope for building Smart Cities.


As a member of Stanford GPC Affiliate Program in Digital Cities, LITE-ON is able to have access to world class Stanford faculty and research from across the university and have early insights about emerging technologies and new business models including privacy preserving analytics, predictive analytics, AI machine intelligence, meta materials, autonomous vehicles, LiDAR and other technologies. Furthermore, LITE-ON may have opportunities to sponsor specialized research, joint ventures, and business model development among affiliates, Stanford, and Silicon Valley technology companies to create multiple business opportunities. 


In the past 5 decades, the global population has increased from 1 to 3.5 billion, and it may double in the next 50 years. In the future, about 70% of the population will reside in city area. GPC believes that the rapid growth of the population is one of the biggest challenges we are facing but it can also be an opportunity. As one of the first project in the kind, Stanford GPC Affiliate Program in Digital Cities research initiative creates a focused research effort bringing together cross-discipline expertise on urban sustainability, and exploration of how emerging technologies will change the way people think about business model development for government and enterprises engaged in digital cities.


LITE-ON has a wide range of technologies. This creates a significant advantages for it to push into Smart City. Along with the deep understanding of customers’ needs, LITE-ON integrates optoelectronics, sensing and communication networking, and comes up with the brilliant comprehensive Smart City solution utilizing Leotek intelligent lighting, modularized and standardized platform and simplified vertical devices. 


About The Stanford Global Projects Center (GPC)

The Stanford Global Projects Center is an interdisciplinary research center at Stanford. We seek to facilitate understanding of the financing, development, and governance of critical infrastructure worldwide. We conduct interdisciplinary research, facilitate engagement among academic and industry leaders, and educate future leaders within the infrastructure finance and development space.


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