LITE-ON is determined to become the best partner in Sigfox ecosystem and demonstrate Sigfox plus Bluetooth combo modules and full zone Sigfox module


Prague, Czech Republic / Taipei, Taiwan – September 21, 2017 - Today, LITE-ON announces that it is going to attend Sigfox World IoT Expo in Prague, Czech Republic on Sep 25 and 26, and showcases full range of Sigfox verified modules including WSG304S, WSG303S, WSG301S and WSG300S designed with STMicroelectronics’ system on chip, and WSG303M, WSG301M and WSG300M with M2COMM’s system-on-chip (SoC). The all 7 high quality modules are specifically developed for Sigfox system. Among the full product line, WSG304S and WSG301S integrate both Sigfox and Bluetooth technologies and enhance the flexibility for customers. With the WSG303M, it supports all zones (RCZ) and can be used across continents. In fact, LITE-ON is determined to lead the development of LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) modules and become the best partner in Sigfox ecosystem.


LITE-ON ICM (Internet Communication Module) SBU has been focused on IoT area and gradually become the key player of module supplier. As the matter of fact, it joins forces with STMicroelectronics to design WSG304S and WSG301S, which are combo modules supporting both Sigfox and Bluetooth standards. The products are in compact size with excellent quality and fully compliant to the regulations. With the 32bit core processor, they execute at high efficiency and are the best combo choices of Sigfox modules for the customers in a variety of scenarios.


Besides, LITE-ON takes the lead to demonstrate full zone Sigfox module WSG303M with M2COMM’s single-chip, which integrates high performance 32bit processor and RF front-end to support RCZ1 (Europe, Oman and South Africa, RCZ2 (America, Mexico and Brazil), RCZ3 (Japan) and RCZ4 (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Columbia and Argentina) in one compact form factor. It is formed in a small size with high performance and low cost, and most importantly high RF power which is up to 22dBm. WSG303M is fully compliant to FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) regulations.


The full range of Sigfox verified modules of LITE-ON are preloaded with Sigfox application software including a bootloader allowing software updates or future user application developments.


Booth information of LITE-ON at Sigfox World IoT Expo

  • Date: Sep 25 and 26
  • Location: Forum Karlín (Pernerova 53 street, 186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Booth: Module Maker Area


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About Sigfox World IoT Expo

Sigfox World IoT Expo sees the profound potential of Sigfox in IoT age and determined to build a robust Sigfox ecosystem. The expo is going to attract more than a hundred Sigfox oriented exhibitors, 400 business partners and more than a thousand participants from all around the world by more than 25 keynotes and panel sessions. Besides, the prestigious partners will present ready-to-use IoT solutions developed for various sectors such as transportation and logistics, healthcare, security, utilities, agriculture etc. which will have all industries using IoT to transform the businesses, create new services, streamline the processes and generate ROI. 


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