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The Profit of Lite-On IT Technology Grows Steadily

Lite-On IT Technology indicates that Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs has approved its application for Global Operating Headquarters on September 7th. According to law, if its overseas profit remits back to Taiwan, it will enjoy sheltered preference. The annual income after taxes may reach the goal of 5.1 billion and 80 million NT dollars, as the surplus before taxes it expected at first. That Lite-On IT Technology's profit grows steadily also proves one thing - supporting Government's policy, striking the roots deep into Taiwan, would benefit operating result.

Lite-On IT Technology also points that according to the law 'The practice resource of tax incentive for enterprise operating headquarters,' next year when reporting business income tax, including any acquired from abroad, like right profits, investitive profitability, shares benefits, and so forth, it could enjoy the incentive of business income tax exemption,