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Press Releases


Lite-On Show- Showcase of Lite-On 3C Convergence

Lite-On Show, the annual great event of the Lite-on Group, starts from 28th to 31st , August. Beside the presentation of the latest products of Lite-On Group (which could actually manifest the best strength of 3C digital technology), the Corporation Announces, the exhibition of the Lite-On Award, the Employees' Day of the Lite-On Group and the series of forum on 'The Next Step of Taiwan's Hi-Tech Industry' will take place at the same time. The content is substantial and innovative to the technology industry.

The Navigator of 3C Convergence

In the changing technology industry, the 3C Convergence of Computer, Communication and Consumer fields is becoming the leading mainstream of technology industry. At present, Lite-On Technology has the best convergence ability in 3C field. In the future, we will integrate the technique platforms of image, monitor, and communication more efficiently to provide the customers with the products of more functions and more varieties, and to lead the global 3C industry to reach the new high peak.

President F.C. Lin of III (Institution for Information Industry) points out that it is an inevitable trend of forthcoming 3C convergence. The 4-in-One also illustrates the Lite-On Group's ambition toward 3C Convergence Industry. Combining mainly PC and IA products of the former Lite-On Electronics, Inc., Lite-On Technology Corp., Silitek Corp. with the GVC wireless communication products, Lite-On can expand to one of the few giant manufactory with powerful designing ability in 3C fields in Taiwan. He considers it a good direction to go.