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Press Releases


Lite-On Technology Corp. (New Lite-On) rewrites the record high with the global combining Revenue of August

Lite-On Technology Corp. (including Lite-On Electronics Incorporation, Silitek Corporation, Lite-On Technology Corporation, and GVC Corporation) settles the account of August; though the global economy gets sluggish, the global combining profit of August are still over 8 billion NT dollars to 8177 million NT dollars and rewrites the record. Compared with the profits of July, the growth rate is 1.73%; compared with the same season of last year, the growth rate is high up to 42.51%. It shows that Lite-On Technology Corp. is the outstanding company of the high growing rate electronics industry.

Lite-On Technology Corp. announces that though the global market is sluggish, the profit can still keep the growth without being encumbered because of the new products and new orders. The combining profits from January to August are over 60 billion NT dollars; compared with the profit of last year, the growth rate is about 34.3%, and the annual profit are about to rewrite the record.