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Press Releases


Lite-On adopts Novemver 4th as standard day for the merger and transaction day for the certificate of new shares entering the market

Taiwan Lite-On Electronics Inc., Silitek Corp., Lite-On Technology Corp. and GVC Corp. have agreed to merge and adopted Lite-On Technology as the surviving entity and as the new name. The Securities and Futures Commission Ministry of Finance On October 7th approved the merger. The Board of Directors of each company passed the merger on the 8th. November 4th would be the standard day of the merger.

With the intention of adjusting to the changes of industry, Lite-On Tech Corp., which had consolidated with forward-looking plans, has unceasingly heightened the comprehensive integrated efficacy. Soon after its global combined revenues exceeded NT$ 8 billion in August, establishing a new record, Lite-On again exceeded NT$ 9 billion the following September, which represented a 47% increase over the corresponding period last year, reaching another summit of its profession. The operating revenues from January through September 2002 totaled NT$ 70 billion. Not only does the cooperation with main customers get more and more closer, but the scale of it gets increasingly broadened as well.