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Press Releases


Lite-On decides to defer issuing the Global Deposit Receipt of Lite-On IT Corp

Lite-On indicated that with the refill of new customer demands Lite-On IT might achieve the annual profit goals without a hitch. Although issuing the GDR was an established policy, however, owing to the deficient energy of capital in the market at the moment, the price would probably be up against a considerable discount. The board of directors accordingly resolved to defer issuing the GDR in an attempt to maintain the maximal rights and interests for shareholders.

Lite-On accounted that revenues for September totaled NT$ 3.4 billion, a 12% increase over August; in comparison with the year 2001, there was still an increase of 43% in the same period. The company's sales revenues from January through September 2002 grew 77% upon the corresponding period in 2001.

Looking into the fourth quarter, with the increase of new customer demands, the production of Slim Drivers would grow substantially and yield rising revenues to the end that Lite-On IT may accomplish the annual profit goals.