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Press Releases


Lite-On Technology Corp. Reports February Result, The Global Consolidated Revenue of February was 10.2 B

Lite-On Technology Corporation today reported the global consolidated revenue totaled to 10.2 billion NT dollars for February 2003, with a 15% decrease on a MoM basis and an equivalent amount compared with the same period last year. The consolidated revenue included the revenues of Lite-On IT Technology and Silitech Corporation, which are more than 70% owned by Lite-On Technology.

Due to the fewer working days consisted in February, the sales of Multi Functional Machines generated from its Image SBG was NT$1.21 billion. The revenue of its Peripheral and Component SBG was NT$4.2 billion, with a 3% decrease on a YoY basis and a 3 % decrease on a MoM basis.

The sales quantity of LCD monitors was 152,000 units caused by the shortage of TFT-LCD panels, and the sales of adapters, LEDs and keyboards remained stable. After the delivery peak in Q4, FY2002, the sales quantity of handset products was 360,000 units with a 9% decrease in revenue on a MoM basis, and a remarkable increase of 687% on a YoY basis.

Judging from the order, Lite-On Technology estimates that Q1, FY2003 will enjoy a stable growth on a YoY basis.