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Lite-On Technology Corp. Reports November Revenue, Reached a Record of NT$12.2 B

Lite-On Technology Corporation reported the estimated global revenue of November, 2003 reached NT$ 12.2 billion, with a 6% increase on a MoM basis and 34% on a YoY basis. Adding the revenues of Lite-On IT Technology and Silitech Technology, two majority owned subsidiaries, the estimated global consolidated revenue for November 2003 reached NT$17 billion with a 6 % increase on a MoM basis and 34% increase on a YoY basis.

The revenue of Peripherals and Components SBG was NT$8.2 billion with a 6% increase on a MoM basis. The sales of LCD Monitors broke the historical record and reached 421,000 units. The sales of power product also showed growth based on seasonality.

Due to components shortage, the revenue of Communications SBG was NT$665 millions with a 3% decrease on a MoM basis, and the shipment was 393,000 units.

The revenue of New Business Development SBG was $1.6 billion with a 2% decrease on a MoM basis.

The sales of Image SBG products increased 20% on a MoM basis with revenue of NT$1.7 billion.