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Lite-On Technology Corp. Hits Record Breaking, December Revenue NT$13.8 B

Lite-On Technology Corporation reported the estimated global revenue of December 2003 reached NT$ 13.8 billion, with an 13% increase on a MoM basis and 53% on a YoY basis. The 4Q'03 revenue delivered 41% QoQ growth which beat the guidance of 3Q'03 analyst meeting. The yearly accumulated global consolidated revenue is NT$108.4 billion in 2003 for Lite-On Technology Corp.. Adding the revenues of Lite-On IT Corp. and Silitech Technology Corp., two majority owned subsidiaries, the estimated global consolidated revenue for December 2003 reached NT$18.7 billion with a 10% increase on a MoM basis and 48% increase on a YoY basis. In total, Lite-On Group global consolidated revenue reached a new record high NT$153.8 billion in 2003.

The revenue of Peripherals and Components SBG was NT$9.4 billion with an 15% increase on a MoM basis. The shipment of CRT, LCD Monitors and LCD TV broke the historical record and reached 815,000 units, and with an 21% increase of revenue. Besides, Keyboard products increased 22% of revenue on a MoM basis and the sales of power and Opto products showed flat.

Due to the shortage of components released, the revenue of Communications SBG was NT$830 millions with an 25% increase on a MoM basis and the shipment was 492,000 units. The total shipment got 1.3M units level, with a 47% growth on a QoQ basis.

The revenue of New Business Development SBG was $1.7 billion with an 10% increase on a MoM basis. Computer system assembly showed 15% revenue increase on a MoM basis.

The sales of Image SBG products increased 4 % on a MoM basis with NT$1.8 billion revenue. And the shipment of MFP increases due to hot season effect.