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Press Releases


Lite-On Technology Reported May Revenue of NT$12.5 B

Lite-On Technology reported its global consolidated May revenue of NT$12.5bn with 72% growth on a YoY basis. Lite-On Tech is strategically positioned as an “Opto-Electronic component” leading provider where Digital Display, Power Supply, Image and LED together totaled NT$990mn in May, sustaining at 80% level of Lite-On Tech’s total revenue. LED revenue grew 42% YoY to a record high of NT$717mn in May, thanks to the capacity expansion for Photo-Coupler and the robust growth in SMD LED shipment, where white LED started mass producing in March. As of May, Lite-On Tech’s Photo-Coupler shipment locked a World’s Number One position.

Power supply products realized NT$1.6bn with 14% growth on a YoY basis while NB adaptor shipment continues to increase, securing 40% market share worldwide.

Digital Display, including CRT monitors, LCD monitors, LCD TV and projectors, shipped slightly over 740k units in May, achieving NT$6.5bn and growing considerably at 168% YoY.

Image products reached NT$1.2bn in May, a 20% drop from April’s level. The plunge is mainly due to the fact that Inkjet printers and MFP products are in the midst of product transitions. Lite-On Tech expects June to see the previous level of NT$1.4-1.5bn on the back of better performance for Laser Printers and Phone Camera Modules.

Other products including PC systems, keyboards, networking equipment and wireless handsets totaled NT$2.5bn, making up for 20% of Lite-On Tech’s May revenue.