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Press Releases


Lite-On Technology Reported August Revenue of NT$13.5 B

Lite-On Technology reported its global consolidated August revenue of NT$13.5bn, the fourth highest monthly revenue recorded in history. Revenue accumulated year-to-date totaled NT$103.1bn, growing at 70%YoY.

Opto-electronic products including Digital Display, Power Supply, LED and Imaging products together amounted to NT$10.4bn in August, sustaining at the 78% level of the total turnover.

Power Supply products created NT$2bn with 17% growth on a MoM basis and 46% on a YoY basis. In addition to NB adaptors, of which Lite On Tech maintains its position as one of the largest suppliers in the world, printer adaptor and server power product shipments continued to grow.

Imaging products leveled in August at NT$1.5bn with 26% YoY. Phone camera module shipment kept climbing in August where revenues saw another monthly record high.

In terms of LED products, August revenue reached NT$752mn with a slight decline of 4% stemming from softening end-market demand, though 47% growth YoY.

Digital Display products, including CRT and LCD monitors, LCD TV and projectors, shipped faintly over 660k in August. Revenue declined 29% to NT$6.1bn due to the cyclical nature of the customers’ business, although revenue continued to grow considerably on a YoY basis at 85%.

Other products including PC systems, keyboards, networking equipment and wireless handsets totaled NT$3.0bn, 38% YoY, contributing 23% to the total revenue in August. Handset shipment grew as Lite On Tech started shipping to a new customer.