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【Violation of Labor Standards Act and other Information】 :

No. Date Violated article(s) Fine (NT$)
1 111/03/11 Labor Standards Act Article 32 50,000
2 111/04/25 Labor Standards Act Article 30 Paragraph 6 800,000
3 111/05/20 Labor Standards Act Article 24 Paragraph 1 100,000
4 111/12/05 Labor Standards Act Article 32 150,000
5 112/01/06 Labor Standards Act Article 30 Paragraph 6 1,000,000
6 111/03/17 Labor Standards Act Article 30 Paragraph 5 90,000
7 111/04/19 Labor Standards Act Article 30 Paragraph 6 144,000
8 111/06/02 Labor Standards Act Article 32 Paragraph 2 100,000

【Violation explanations are as follows】 :

【Article 32, Paragraphs 2 of the Labor Standards Act】:

The Company's Attendance Management Measures comply with the law and specify rules for overtime and attendance. Employees can apply for leave and overtime online through the system With regard to the fine due to working hours, we have examined operating procedures and manpower allocation management, so that the matter that was found in violation will meet regulatory requirements.
【Article 30, Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Labor Standards Act】:
LITEON was fined for not having a record of commuting to and from work. In this regard, LITEON has explained to the Department of Labor that the office staff adopts the self-management model between supervisors and employees and respects each other. LITEON has always strictly followed the laws and regulations. Considering that the company's business bases in Taiwan are divided into North, Central and South, personnel exchanges are frequent; overseas bases are also all over the world. In order to facilitate the development of global business, the company agrees that supervisors and employees can adjust the appropriate attendance time according to business needs. At the same time, in order to comply with legal regulations, starting from 2024, LITEON record employee attendance records through system construction and improvement of access control card machines. Since March, it has fully complied with legal regulations.