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Public Advocacy Management

LITEON continues to pay close attention to public policies and has long maintained a politically neutral standpoint. In 2022, there was no contribution made in regard to lobbying or supporting/objecting to any political campaign.

1. Purpose

To both meet customer demands and adhere to industry policies, LITEON seeks to expand its business networks, discover new opportunities and partnerships, and enhance product quality and compliance through knowledge and experience exchange. This pursuit aligns with our vision, mission, and sustainability goals, as we actively striv to adopt science-based targets (SBTs) in support of the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature rise this century to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

In support of the latest research and development initiatives, LITEON has long been an active participant in global standardization and technological research efforts. Whether engaging with lobbying groups, industry organizations, or trade associations, our participation often includes key leadership roles within management committees and technical working groups.

2. Application & Management Mechanism

To ensure optimal resource utilization and alignment with LITEON's vision and objectives, a detailed application process has been established for external involvement in lobbying, industry organizations, and associations. Factors taken into account include organizational objectives, a commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and an evaluation of potential benefits. Applicants are required to provide relevant information and obtain approval from their department's top management as well as final approval from CEO executives, with notification to the Corporate Brand Value Development Center for consistent brand management. Moreover, every year, a comprehensive assessment of purposes and benefits is conducted during the membership renewal process.

LITEON also serves as an industry representative in responding to consultations with regulatory institutions, with the aim of playing a role in connecting industry, government, and academia to achieve a win-win outcome in influencing legislation on climate-related issues.

If any misalignments occur in the participation of Lobbying and Trade Associations, the company will take active measures to clarify them through its reporting.

3. Membership in Groups and Associations

LITEON actively participates in public association activities such as industry, R&D technology and governance. By participating in regular or irregular meetings and activities organized by the association, we jointly promoted the progress of the industry and paid attention to topics such as technological innovation, corporate governance and sustainable operation.

In 2022, LITEON spent about NT$6.58 million to participate in the association organization. Please refer to 2022 Expense of Participating Public Association for more information.


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