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Information Security and Privacy Management

Information Security Policy

The scope of information security at LITEON encompasses employees, clients, suppliers, and shareholders and all IT software and hardware associated with its business activities. All information security standards and regulations are based on technical support and establishment of applications and data security standards. The standards and regulations are made part of the management system in order to protect the privacy of LITEON's employees, suppliers, and clients and maintain information security while the above parties discuss business matters. An information security monitoring system has been implemented to perform vulnerability scanning and prevent external hacker attacks and internal confidential information leakage. IT hardware/software control applies to the establishment of an information security network that includes the Internet and personal IT equipment, such as desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. The control measures are intended to ensure personal information, internal confidential information, and client and supplier information are effectively protected.

LITEON values the privacy and safety of its stakeholders, including employees, business partners (customers, suppliers, and consultants), and shareholders, and of operation related information assets, and also sets the Information Security Policy for the management guidance. As for the internal control, the cross-departmental and cross-functional Information Security Committee was created. With the head of IT Lear lee currently serves as CISO, the Chairman serves as the convener of the committee and appoints the Information Security of Information Security & Information Technology Department to continue to promote cybersecurity management practices. LITEON renewed the ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system verification in 2023 (valid period : 07/01/2023~10/31/2025) and continued to update the validity of the certificate to ensure the effectiveness of the cybersecurity management mechanisms. Besides conducting regular internal audits to examine the implementation of its Privacy Policy, LITEON also commissioned a third-party, Deloitte & Touche, to conduct a Personal Information Management Process Investigation. The investigation evaluated LITEON's compliance with the updated Privacy Policy, which aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition, Annual information security training is also provided afterward. LITEON provides ongoing training as means to raise awareness of information security in the workplace and incorporate the elements into the processes in order to achieve the most secure and rigorous information protection.

LITEON strive to conduct employee safety management and corporate confidential information protection in order to ensure a safer working environment and to protect corporate confidential information and the profit of corporate, clients, employees & stockholders.

LITEON set up an advanced access control system, personnel get in and out of offices or factories with various authorization. Guards selected strictly by condition and background should receive trainings on manners, traffic conduction and security check orientation. Corrective or disciplinary action will be taken in case of breach, which could include a warning, minor/demerit, major demerit, or even termination of employment, depending on the severity of the violation. The company announced the disciplinary measures taken for the substantiated case on its internal network.

Due to the mechanism for the information security management and privacy being effectively implemented, we have not had any major information security incidents in 2022, nor have we been punished by authorities for information security issues. Other than that, there is no grievance by competent authorities, nor any complaints regarding privacy or leaks of personal information by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in 2022, and all customer data had not been used for secondary purposes thus far.


Information security management campaign and blueprint


Privacy Policy

LITE-ON Technology Corp. respects our company websites users’ right of privacy. Please read carefully our company's privacy policy below. We hope to let all visitors fully understand what data we collect, how we collect the data, and how we protect the right of privacy.

If you continue to browse our company websites or if you provide us your private data, it will be regarded as your acceptance of the terms of our privacy policy.

Information We Collect

You do not have to provide any personal information while accessing our company's websites. However certain services or functions of our websites may collect the personal information that can be used to identify the specific individual, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address or any other contact information.
Additionally, we may also automatically collect certain information incidental to your use of our websites, such as the IP address, the type of the browser software, and the operating system of the your computer, as well as the web page accessing information collected through Cookies or Web Beacon, such as the times of access, duration of use, etc.

How Will We Use Your Personal Information

The personal information we will collect may be used in responding to your requests, sending mail and newsletters, or providing the services per your request. We may also use part of the collected information to help improving the content and service quality of our websites. We will not disclose, sell, provide or share your personal information to/with other persons or not LITEON's affiliates, except that (1) we need to provide the services at your request, (2) we already obtained your authorization, or (3) we have the following situations.

We may provide the part of the collected information to our management team and the authorized employees or affiliates relevant to the business as the reference (example: we may provide your resume information to our Human Resources Department for reference.), or we may use the authorized webpage design as the reference for the maintenance or enhancement of our companys web. The provision of the above mentioned information must follow this Privacy Policy as well as other pertinent confidentiality and security measures. We may also disclose the collected personal information for the following reasons: (1) by law requirement; (2) to comply with legal process or governmental requests; (3) to respond the subpoenas or warrants served on LITEON technology Corp.; (4) to protect and defend the rights or property of LITEON Technology Corp.

Modification or Deletion of Your Personal Information

If you wish to modify your personal information, stop receiving information from us, or remove your personal information from our company website database, please mail to and we will immediately handle it for you.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

LITEON Technology Corp. may revise this Privacy Policy irregularly. You can ascertain that our Privacy Policy has been updated by examining “Last Revised Version and Date”. We suggest you irregularly visit our company website to review our latest privacy policy and its terms.

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