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Mercury Vapor Street Lamp Replacement Project SROI Report

Measuring social impact of products: Social Return on Investment (SROI)

LITE-ON, armed with the success of Leotek in taking the largest market share in LED street lights in North America, returns to Taiwan to expand its street light business. Given the strength afforded by a diverse range of products, LITE-ON establishes itself as the leader in road lighting solutions through vertical supply chain integration. LITE-ON's position also contributes to improved quality and energy efficiency of street lights across Taiwan. LITE-ON uses high performance LED crystals, LED components, heat sink, power supply, and related hardware parts produced by local manufacturers, and works with local contractors to promote growth of the local supply chain. Complete smart street light solutions are also offered at the same time. The range includes lighting design, energy conservation planning, technical support, and project management. Quality is maintained by real time monitoring and automatic error reports. As a result, targets such as infrastructure upgrade, energy conservation, and job creation are achieved, and the company is taken one step closer to realizing the vision of being the best partner in "optic, electrics and energy saving" and "smart technology".

LITE-ON is currently the largest LED street light supplier in Taiwan. A total of close to 400,000 Leotek street lights illuminate the streets across Taiwan and help local residents and pedestrians stay safe on the road. LITE-ON works with municipal governments, clients, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders in making contributions to sustainable development and supporting global sustainability issues in a campaign for a sustainable future.

LITE-ON took Leotek street light in the 2017 Mercury Lamp Sunset Project and performed Taiwan's first social impact assessment on a product. The analysis measured the social return on more than 20,000 street lights replaced in Class 4 and Class 5 rural areas in Taiwan. The result was certified by Social Value International. A social return on investment (SROI) analysis showed that the NT$403 million investment had produced actual environmental and social benefits through stakeholder participation and its rippling effects. The return was estimated at NT$1.15 billion and the multiplier at 2.85 for each NT$1 invested. LITE-ON works closely with municipal governments, clients, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders in achieving sustainability and initiating a chain of positive changes in the society. 圖片


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