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Literary Arts Support

Crane Album: “The 17-year Epic of Crane Photographing” of Mr. S.T. Crane Wu

Mr. S.T. Wu has devoted himself to the crane photographing for more than 70 years. In Mr. S.T. Wu's photographic works, all you can find are beautiful cranes framed in gorgeous scenes from the wilds and the snowy land. “The 17-year Epic of Crane Photographing” details remarkably all the Mr. Wu's feats in the past 17 years. Despite the fact that the photographing equipments were that burdensome, the photographing spots were that perilous and strenuous, the climates were horrible, Mr. Wu still stood firmly and traveled here, there and everywhere in five continents, visited the cradles of various species of cranes. It's all because he attempted to take some living and touching pictures for the world. However, it's a great pity that in these few years, he has been suffering from serious eye sickness that exploits him of healthy eyesight. Facing the diagnosis, he has no choice but to give up his favorite crane photographing work.

The chairman and former vice chairman of LITE-ON Group, Raymond Soong and David Lin, have known Mr. S.T. Wu for more than 10 years. They both have steadfast passion to art, liberal arts and music and constantly support the previous crane's albums. Meanwhile, LITE-ON wishes to inspire people to raise eco-awareness and promote the ideas of the protection of natural environment. Therefore, the LITE-ON Cultural Foundation starts the long-term sponsorship of Mr. S.T. Wu and his two photo albums of cranes.

The album collects all of Mr. Wu's pictures that he took in the past 17 years which had never been printed in the previous albums. All the trips taken, all the photos taken, and all the stories told were the showcase of Mr. Wu's energetic life.

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