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Smart Traffic Light

Low Power Consumption and Environmentally Friendly

Smart Traffic Light

Low Power Consumption and Environmentally Friendly

Traffic Light Solution - LED Traffic signal

1.With superior optical design, we offer incandescent look and products with high uniformity.

2.Excellent heat dissipation and weather resistance features; over 7 million units global installation.

3.We provide products in compliance with U.S. standard, EU standard or Australia/New Zealand Certificate to meet customer needs.

Traffic Light Solution - LED Pedestrian Signal

Ensure the city is in good order and smooth traffic via different information display.

1.With innovative optical technology, we provide the pedestrian signal with incandescent look and high uniformity.

2.We offer different product sizes (8" , 12", 15", 16") to meet the requirements of the U.S. standard, EU standard and Australia and New Zealand markets.

Traffic Light Solution (LED Railroad Grade Crossing Signal)

Leotek adopts the long life LED technology with great uniformity and product reliability. It is easy to install and maintain and can significantly increase city management efficiency.

1.Our product complies with AREMA and Transport Canada standards for Safety Assurance.

2.Complete product line, including the side light, transit signal and power indicator.