First listed electronics company in Taiwan

LITEON is a trailblazer in the field of LED technologies and the first listed electronic company in Taiwan. A world-leading provider of optoelectronic semiconductor components and power managements modules, we offer reliable advanced solutions powered by cloud computing, automotive electronics, 5G, and AIoT. For long-term development, LITEON has set the Internet of Energy (IoE) as its cornerstone to develop integrated portfolios on green data centers, clean mobility, and efficiency infrastructure. For decades, we have been advocating socially and environmentally responsible corporate practices that reflect our core values.

People are the core value for LITEON Technology

At LITEON, we celebrate “WHY” and “HOW”. Curiosity and motivation are what make us tick. We value people and encourage an open and inclusive working environment, which nurtures a dynamic ecosystem of imagination, inspiration and action. LITEON has built a culture of trust and empowerment that enhances employee involvement, engagement, and commitment in working towards excellence.

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With a strong global presence, LITEON is capable of leveraging its flexible supply chain management and diverse worldwide operational centers to provide value-added solutions and services to global customers.

Global NO.<span>1</span>
Global NO.1
Shipment in Photocouplers
Global Top 2
Power Supply Provider
30 k+
Employees Numbers
13 years
A member of DJSI
9 years
MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes
Vison for Long-term Development

LITEON has set the Internet of Energy (IoE) as the cornerstone of its long-term development vision, comprehensively developing integrated solutions for green data centers, clean mobility, and efficient infrastructure.

Clean Mobility
Green Data Center
Efficient Infrastructure
Smart Life
Clean Mobility

In an era where global focus on ecological preservation is intensifying, clean mobility has emerged as a pivotal player in the journey towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. With over four decades of expertise in the automotive electronics industry, LITEON harnesses its core competencies in optoelectronics and power management to pioneer the future of automotive electronics. We are at the forefront of developing industry-leading solutions such as charging stations for electric vehicles. Moreover, our endeavors extend to vehicle lighting, vision applications, road lighting, and traffic signals. Through the integration of our comprehensive product portfolio and cutting-edge technology, we not only enhance traffic efficiency and safety but also foster a harmonious coexistence between the ecological environment and low-carbon transportation. At LITEON, we firmly believe that our relentless pursuit of innovative technologies can revolutionize the transportation experience for users and pave the way for a better, more sustainable future for all.

Green Data Center

With the rapid increase in digital information leading to growing energy consumption, more challenges are added to the operation of data centers. Green energy has become a key issue in the construction of data centers. Moving towards the ideal vision of green data centers, LITEON provides customers with comprehensive solutions, actively contributing to the achievement of a low-carbon economy and accelerating the global greening process.

To build competitive advantages for green data centers, LITEON provides highly energy-efficient solutions. Through customized energy-saving mechanism design and liquid cooling systems, it can more effectively reduce the energy consumption and temperature of data centers, improve energy utilization, and effectively help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. In addition, LITEON supports 5G network equipment, enhances the intelligent upgrade of data centers, ensures high-efficiency and smooth speed of data and communication, and is committed to developing green products and optimizing energy management solutions. It provides customers with sustainable and clean data center solutions, incorporating environmental awareness into every aspect of product design and production. This is LITEON’s responsibility and commitment: to establish sustainable value and contribution with ecosystem partners, accelerating the construction of green data centers, and work together to empower a green future!

Efficient Infrastructure

At LITEON, we believe in the transformative power of energy management. Our profound technical capabilities and industry-leading position enable us to integrate the advantages of energy conversion, energy saving, energy management, and energy storage technologies. Coupled with intelligent management and network communication technologies, we have created the ecosystem of ‘Internet of Energy’(IoE) - a seamless integration of key technologies that ensures efficient energy use and comprehensive energy saving and emission reduction.

We are constantly exploring and developing new models for green energy conversion and utilization, injecting a powerful force into industrial development. Our strategic investments and product innovations are not just leading the development trend but are also shaping the future of energy.

In terms of application, our energy management solutions are implemented across various fields, creating intelligent and high-efficiency scenarios. From 5G private network applications, wireless network applications, smart monitoring, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to Smart Home, Smart Building, Micro Grid, and beyond, we are applying LITEON’s energy management solutions to achieve intelligent energy management, energy saving and emission reduction, and sustainable development.

Smart Life

LITEON is dedicated to integrating intelligent technology into everyday environments, effectively enhancing the quality of work and life, while simultaneously boosting overall comfort. By leveraging advanced intelligent technologies, we offer efficient security measures, significantly improving work productivity and confidentiality. Our smart life solutions encompass a wide range of wired or wireless infrastructure, including air conditioning, lighting, security, access control, input devices, and other facilities. These solutions are user-friendly and well-equipped to adapt to the future trends of digital intelligence, positioning us at the forefront of limitless innovation in the new era of intelligence.