Internship Program

With the goal of achieving personal and professional development, LITEON is committed to providing students with high-quality internship programs that offer real-world experience and opportunities to develop their skills. Throughout the program, we provide career training and guidance to help students explore the workplace and discover their strengths and passions.

At LITEON, we recognize the importance of developing interns' abilities to think independently and solve problems. Our internship programs are designed to provide interns with valuable experiences that support their growth, both personally and professionally.
Interns will have the opportunity to:
  • Gain an understanding of LITEON's corporate operating model.
  • Experience LITEON's unique workplace culture.
  • Participate in projects with different departments.
  • Build a professional network.
Domestic Internship Program
Overseas Internship Program
Domestic Internship Program
5G+ Industry Plan

LITEON expects to accelerate the cultivation of cross-border talents for 5G technology. LITEON's involvement in the "5G+ Industry New Emerging Sail Plan," hosted by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, demonstrates the company's dedication to the advancement of 5G technology. Through close cooperation between industry, academia, research, and public associations, LITEON aims to guide the industry in developing 5G products, broaden students' knowledge of 5G technology, and enhance their research and development capabilities. With all the hard work, LITEON is poised to achieve new heights in the 5G industry and technology.

Internship Program for Employee Children

Furthermore, LITEON recognizes the importance of investing in the future by offering the children of its employees a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in the industry. Through LITEON's internship programs, young individuals are given the chance to explore their strengths while learning vocational skills and experiencing workplace culture. By emphasizing "learning by doing," LITEON's programs provide students with opportunities to enhance their practical experience, establish a professional network, and develop the necessary foundations for their future career paths.

Overseas Internship Program

To enhance the cultivation of global talents, LITEON has established collaborations with universities/colleges that aim to provide opportunities for foreign students to intern at our overseas factories. By working with multinational talents, these individuals can learn new skills and techniques, accumulate international work experience, and improve their cross-cultural communication.
Moreover, LITEON acknowledges the importance of supporting interns' career development by offering flexible and diverse career choices upon graduation. We provide opportunities for interns to develop their careers domestically or at LITEON's global factories, enabling them to further hone their expertise in their respective fields.