Automotive Cockpit with ADAS

The company has continuously invested in Vision-Based Safety Application (VSA) which dedicates to automotive camera R&D and manufacture. We believe cameras are indispensable for future vehicles as they enable cars to see surrounding with no blind spots and therefore reduce accident rates. We supply global leading brands companies in a wide variety of fields, including Around View System, Lane Departure Warning system and Rear View Cameras.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

The Maas (Mobility/Transport as a Service) concludes what LITE-ON can offer. We turn public station digital through embedding Communication Modules, Gateway and Tracker tailored to customized needs.

Each digital public station then turns into an integrated transport hub dotted around the cities, providing service such as Fleet Management, In-Bus People Tracking, Air Quality Control, Real-Time News Feed, Air Quality Updates, Wi-Fi and so on. Besides, the built-in facial recognition of traffic light enables elderly citizens to get around cities safer and smarter.