Make Driving Safer

LITE-ON envisions the future of smart car bringing not only convenience but accident-free traffic that answers the demand from growing population in megacities.

LED lighting, ADAS sensors, including cameras along with HUD and motor control system constitute the company’s smart car applications. Also, through the connectivity technology like T-Box and V2X, drivers can access real-time information to ensure safety and accident-free driving experience.

LITE-ON Smart Car

Smart car has a complete recognition data of it’s surroundings and thus have the ability to interact with the lane, infrastructure and passenger.

LITE-ON Smart Car

Smart car has a complete recognition data of it’s surroundings and thus have the ability to interact with the lane, infrastructure and passenger.

LED Car Lighting Modules

LITE-ON has mass produced LED automotive lighting modules that can be applied inside and outside of vehicles. From Headlamp Modules, Front/Rear Fog Lamp Modules, Front/Rear Turning Indicator Modules, Interior Lamp Module, Rear Combination Lamp Modules, Central High Mount Stop Lamp Modules to daytime Running Light Modules.

The company will continue to make new breakthrough in LED lighting, offering global partners high-quality and innovative Vehicle Lighting Solution."

Head-Up Display (HUD)

Head-Up Display (HUD), initially applied in the field of national defense to keep fighting jet pilots from moving eye contact up and down, now evolves into the safety as well as infotainment hub which shows real-time driving speed, distance and more information.

LITE-ON integrates its strength in mechanics, electronics, optics and software into the most exciting advances in HUD system, including Windshield HUD and the next generation of AR HUD. The modularization design has been verified in more than 10 car models and has adopted in global brand names.

Automotive-Grade Camera Modules

Camera applications are the “eyes” of autonomous vehicles. LITE-ON has positioned ourselous as a professional automotive-grade camera module supplier and shipped to world-renowned brands for more than a decade.

We believe cameras are indispensable for future vehicles as they enable cars to see surrounding with no blind spots and therefore reduce accident rates.

Futhermore, we supply global leading brands companies in a wide variety of fields, including Around View System, Lane Departure Warning System, In-cabin Camera and Rear View Camera.

Vehicle Motor Control Modules

We supply Motor Control Modules working with CAN tools/in-house development utilities that can completely simulate in-vehicle CAN/LIN environment.

Our controling module is ISO-certified and has approved by global OEMs. It can be applied on Anti-Pinch Sunroof, Anti-Pinch Power Window, Anti-Pinch Power Tailgate, Anti-Pinch Power Sliding Door and Auto-Leveling for lighting.

Wireless Charging Device

The company offers wireless charging products from 5W to 15W, all Qi-compliant and applied to both line-fit (on-equipment) market and aftermarket.

The devices features foreign object detection and temperature monitoring system to guarantee best safety.

EV (Electric vehicle) Charging Solutions

CES SBU focuses mainly on OEM/ODM applications for a variety of AC charging solutions that exist today in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market such as public & workplace and home/residential charging. In response to those market requirements, the design of the charger interface specification must compliance with IEC & SAE J1772, UL and various EV technologies such as OCPP.

Products & Services

  • Vehicle Lighting Solution

    LED head lamp module

    LED rear combination lamp module

    LED interior lamp module

  • Automotive Vision Solutions

    Car Camera Module

    Head-up display

    Vehicle entertainment AV product line

  • Vehicle Control & Applications

    Vehicle Motor Control Module


    Intelligent Integrated Antenna

  • Clean Energy Solutions

    AC Charger

    Portable Charging Cordset