Make driving safer

We envision the future of smart car to bring not only convenient but also accident-free traffic that can answer to the demand from growing population of future megacities.

Lite-On Smart Car

Smart car has a complete recognition data of it’s surroundings and thus have the ability to interact with the lane, infrastructure and passenger.

Lite-On Smart Car

Smart car has a complete recognition data of it’s surroundings and thus have the ability to interact with the lane, infrastructure and passenger.

Wireless Charging Device

Wireless charging: The device is qualified for Qi standard and can be applied to pre-installed market and aftermarket. Wired charging: With the unique port scanning system, the charging device can find the location and type of the mobile phone charging connector automatically without complicated manual connecting.

V2X (Vehicle-to-everything)

LiteOn V2X platform achieves V2V communication with extreme low delay, therefore report any safety concern to the driver in real-time and brake automatically when necessary through the aid of ADAS. Our platform comes with information security solution such as certificate encrypted communication and FOTA that can prevent hacking. Through the collaboration with service provider, this solution can carry out various applications service. LiteOn V2X platform features multifunctional, high integration and compatibility to provide customers with products in compliance with EU, USA and China standards as well as certified by telecommunications service providers.

LED car light module design & manufacture

For LED car light modules, LiteOn has already successfully developed different modules that can be applied inside and outside the vehicle and put them into mass production. From headlamp modules, LED front/rear fog lamp modules, LED front/rear turning indicator modules, LED infrared module for night vision modules, rear combination lamps modules, central high mount stop lamp modules to daytime running light modules. Even with all these success, we still continue to make new breakthrough in LED to provide our client with the latest lighting solution.

Head-up display

The team specialized in autonomous optic design can design different fields of view and light sources according to requirements and provide necessary test standards and instruments. Turning around, lowering their gaze to check the dashboard or operating the console can bring risk to drivers. By showing the related driving information on the windshield, the head-up display can help drivers keeping their focuses forward and be integrated with the navigation system to enhance driving safety and comfort.

Camera module

Camera applications play a vital role in the trend towards autonomous vehicles. Our vision is making a car that sees the world clearly, with no blind spots and no accidents.We supply many of the leading companies in a wide variety of fields, including Around view system, Lane departure warming system and Rear view camera. Involved in automotive cameras since 2008, VSA (Vision-based Safety Application)continuously invests in Automotive Camera development and manufacture. We position ourselves as professional camera module supplier and focus on Global major players.

Vehicle body motor control module

We integrate vehicle motor electronic control center, motor control with autonomous vehicle network to build CAN TOOLs that can completely simulate CAN/LIN field tests. It is ISO vehicle network standard certified and approved by many international manufacturers. This module has been successfully applied to different motor control modules, including anti-pinch sunroof, anti-pinch power window, anti-pinch power tailgate, anti-pinch power sliding door and auto-leveling.

Single cylinder ECU

We provide complete engine control system products and specific services according to customer vehicle development; besides addressing customers' requirements of mobility and energy-saving, we can also help customers to lower the system cost and comply with the increasingly strict pollution regulations.

EV (Electric vehicle) charging solution

Mainly focus on the OEM/ODM of different AC charging solutions required for the popularity of EV, such as public & workplace charger and home/residential charger. In addition response to market requirements, the development of the charger interface specification in compliance with IEC 62196 & SAE J1772 is UL and various EV technologies certified, such as OCPP. Meanwhile, Lite-On provides charge management backend system by integrating wireless communication, electricity data and pricing data transmission to address customer’s potential requirements besides standard products. We not only meet manufacturers' requirements to private users, but also offer a comprehensive solution for grid providers.

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