【Violation of Labor Standards Act and Other Information】 :
2018/04/24 Labor Affairs Bureau, New Taipei City Government inspected Zhonghe site,Regulation on Article 30, Paragraph 6 of the Labor Standards Act,fine NTD150,000。
2018/06/06 Department of Labor, Taipei City Government inspected Neihu site,Regulation on Article 70 of the Labor Standards Act Article 30, Paragraph 6 of the Labor Standards Act,fine NTD40,000。
2018/07/12 Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, Ministry of Science and Technology inspected Hsinchu site,Regulation on Article 30, Paragraph 5 of the Labor Standards Act,fine NTD90,000。
2018/07/24 Regulation on Work-Related Injury Insurance (Guangdong),fine RMB 213,506。

【Violation explanations are as follows】 :
【Article 30, Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Labor Standards Act】:
The company was fined by the Department of Labor for not keeping an employee attendance record. The company had explained to the Department of Labor that the company's office personnel adheres to an honor system based on mutual respect.
The company consistently complies with laws and regulations. However, the company operates in various cities across Taiwan, and its employees move around quite frequently. The company has also established overseas offices around the world, therefore to facilitate business activities on a global scale, the company has given consent that managers and employees may work flexible hours as needed. For the above reasons, the company is unable to comply with regulatory requirements at the present, but continues to try and find a feasible solution that complies with the regulatory requirements.

【Article 70 of the Labor Standards Act】:
All LITE-ON work rules are filed with the local governments and then released on the LITE-ON Intranet.
A change of law kept the filing process from being completed with the local government in a timely manner.
The information has since been filed under Taipei City/County Government Taipei-City-Employer-Employee No. 1076063086 dated October 16, 2018.

【Regulation on Work-Related Injury Insurance (Guangdong)】:
The plant operates stamping machines on the premise. It is a manufacturing facility with a relatively high risk of noise hazards. While protection measures are provided, employees failed to wear the appropriate protective gear, and the onsite supervisors failed to supervise and manage the workers. The failure led to damaged hearing among the employees.
The plant has reiterated the importance of wearing protective gear to its employees and the rules to ensure that onsite supervisors check whether the workers wear protective gear. The plant has also increased the frequency of physical examination for the employees, and arranged for employees and their direct supervisors to work in shifts in order to reduce the risk of hearing loss.